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* Rectangular shape analog inductive proximity sensor, 30*30*58mm, ABS plastic housing.

* Detect distance: 15mm.

* Distance and sensitivity are adjustable by potentiometer.

* Standard sensing object: metal objects. Non- contact, absolute operating principle.

* Output: current (0~20mA or 4 -20mA output), voltage (0~10V) output, or 4-20mA+0-10V 4 wires dual output.

* High repeat accuracy 0.5%, compact , sealed , rugged and reliable.

* Power: DC 10~30V supply.

* Standard: with 2M PVC cable. (Connector type is avaialble)

* IP ratings: IP67, water and oil resistant.

* Analog Sensor Switch have a linear voltage or current output signal which changes in proportion to target distance from the damping surface. The curve is linear over the entire working range.

* Widely used for controlling position; measuring deviation of control position, curve and excursion. Measuring height of swing and the stability of dimension control...etc.

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