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* Incremental Rotary Encoder, outside diamter:52mm; shaft: 8mm.
* With 2 wheels at each side, with clamping flange, wheel circumstance=200mm or 300mm optional.
* Output: ABZ signals or ABZA-B-Z- signals, for textile or Plastic Injection machine or other automatic machines.
* DC5V~24V power supply.
* No. of impulse: 100/200/300/360/400/500/600/720/800/1024/1200/1800/2000/2048/2500/3600/5000 PPR.
* Output: open collector NPN or PNP, or Push Pull, Voltage output, or 5V linedriver output, or 24V TTL output.
* Output wave: square wave.
* Response requency: 0~100K HZ
* Output phase difference: 90 degree +/- 45 degree.
* Rotor inertia of code wheel: Appr. 7.5*10(-6)Kgm2
* Starting torque without sealing: < or = 1.5X, 10-3 Nm (+25 C)
* Max. torque without sealing: radial 75N, Axial 50N.
* Shock resistance: 980M/S2, 6ms, 2 times each on XYZ
* Viration proof: 50/ms2, 10~200Hz, 2 hours each on XYZ
* Working life: MTBF> or = 25000h (+25 C, 2000 RPM)
* Protection IP54.

Product featuresRotary Encoder

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