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* DP8 Digital HZ meter or Tacho RPM meter or Linespeed meter, please indicate the function which is needed.
* Red LED display, 14.2 mm high, Measuring range: max. +9999.
* Input: DC 0-10V or 4-20mA.
* With or without analog output:0~20mA or 4~20mA.
* Power fail holing function.
* Measuring range adjustable; zero point deviation adjustmenet.
* Power supply: AC 110V/220V ( DC 24V or DC12V can be ordered)
* Dimension: 48H×96H×100Lmm.
* Ambient temperature: -15~+50C degrees.

Product featuresTacho meter

Before installing and using this instrument, please read this user manual carefully in order to operate the unit in the appropriate conditions to avoid any damage. Keep this user manual for future reference.

* The product should be power ON for 15 minutes before operating.
* The appropriate ambient temperature is 0~40℃; relative humidity: 85%.
* The product calibration period is 12 months.
* Avoid shock and impact, prevent operation from heavy dust and poisonous chemical material medica & gas environment.

* If the input signals are has high-frequency interference, an high-frequency filter should be configuared with the wires.
* Avoid long input cable, in case distance between instrument and measuring signals outut end, please use twisted-pair shielded cables, shielded layer should be connected with low end of input signals.
* Keep from the direct sunlight, the stock temperature is -10~70℃/60%(RH). Do not contact the organic solvent and oil.

* If stock in long terms without operation, please connect to power ever 3 months for min. 4 hours each time.
* The complete product contains: product with connection diagram and , instruction manual, installing brackets (1 set), inspection certificate and packing box with product label.
* Guarantee: any defected products under normal operation within 12 months can be returned and replaced by us; Damage by user’s wrong operation can not be replaced, if request to be returned for repair, buyer should take charge of the freight fee, on conditions that large quantities need to be repaired, repair fee should be considered.

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