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Features of IBEST M12 Hall Effect Sensor:

* Size: M12 cylinder, metal brass housing.

* Detect distance: 10mm.

* Target object: magnet objects (N50 or N52).

* Compact size: 20mm length of sensor body.(Longer body is available also).

* Output: NPN or PNP, NO or NC output, 3 wires.

* With 2 meter cable. (or order connector type)

* Power: DC 10-30V supply or DC5V supply specified when order.

* Fast response: 5KHz, long operation life.

* Mini volume, easy to be installed, in particular installed closely inside metal objects in line,

Can detect magnetic objects through metal objects.

* IP ratings: IP67, water and oil resistant.

* Widely used in pneumatic, liquid, plunger pump, bicycle pump...etc for detecting and

Positioning purpose.

Product featuresM12 Hall Sensor

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