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* YLT203 Economic Price Ceramics Type Pressure Sensor Transmitter.

* Process media: ceramics pressure sensor transmitter, temperature range: -25~+85 C degrees.
* Gauge pressure of air pump, gases and water or liquids level pressure, compatible with SU304.
* Range: 0 Bar ~16 Bar, 0.1Mpa~20Mpa.(please specify when ordering)
* Output: 4~20mA DC (2wire) or 0~10V DC or 0-5V DC (3 wires).
* Power: 10~30V DC (or DC5V).
* Accuracy: 0.5 class.
* Overload: 150%-200% of standard range.
* Housing material: stainless steel 304U.
* Pressure connection: M20×1.5; M12×1.0; G1/4; G1/8; 1/4 NPT.
* With 2M cable, or Hirsman connector or M12 4 pin connector.
* Electrical connection: cable or M12 connector or hirschmann.
* Long term stability: ≤0.2% F.S/Year; high anti-interference.
* Widely applied for measuring and controlling gases and liquids pressure in the fields of petroleum, Metallurgy, power system, Water cons ervancy, environmental protection...etc.compatible with 304U.

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