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* CRN series digital total counter, soft buttons operation, easily operate.
* Dual line 4 LED, 6LED or 8 LED display.
* 1 Preset or 2 preset setting value.
* With length setting ratios to set length.
* Counting mode: counting Up or counting down, counting up and down, selectable by software.
* CP1, CP2 input, reset signal input; input mode: voltage(PNP),non-voltage input (NPN).
* Reset modes: manual reset, auto reset (0.1~9.9s), external reset.
* Dimensions: 48X48mm , 72X72mm , 48X96mm.
* Power fail holding function, up to 10 years.
* Relay and tansistor output; optional control output: N, F, C, R.
* Counter speed: 30Hz/300Hz/1000Hz/5000Hz,selectable by software.
* Modulus:0.00000-99.9999 (6 digit) / 0.0000000-99.999999 (8 digit)
* Application: can be used with photoelectric sensor, proximity switch, and rotary encoder in the fields of machinery,light industrial, packing and packaging,food and beverage.

Product featuresDigital counter

Notice For Operation Of Instrument:

* Users are prohibited to repair the controller by themselves to avoid any damage to the controller.
* The controller needs to check and maintain regularly so as to operate safely long-term. To change the damaged components, pleas contact our sales people or technical peple for assistance.
* To clean out the dust or dirt on the instrument screen, please use soft cloth or cotton papper.
* Do not use screw driver or hard pin to touch the soft buttons on the faceplate.
* To avoid this instrument used in environment of overflow water or explosive oil.
* In case the instrument is used in environment of strong noise, (such as motor, transformer, solenoid,etc.) A current suppresser or noise filter should be used. In case the instrument is use in environment of nuclear control, iatrical equipment, auto, train, airplane or security equipment that need protections, please contact the manufacturer for details.

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