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* S18 inductive proximity sensor switch, ABS plastic housing, size: 18*10*30mm.
* Detect target objects: metal objects, iron,steel, stainless steel,copper..etc.
* Detect distance: shielded(flush) 5mm.
* Output: NPN or PNP, NO or NC output 3 wires; DC 2 wires.
* Power supply: DC 2-wire(10-30Vdc), DC 3-wire(10-30Vdc). (DC5V or AC24V can be specially ordered)
* Connection: with 2M cable directly.
* With red LED operation indicator, easily identifiable.
* IP67 ratings, waterproof, proof of oil, water acid, alkaline.
* Standard sensing object: inductive sensor: ferrous metals; capacitive sensor: metal or non-metal objects.
* Over current and short circuit protection, againstpolarity reversal.
* Widely applied in measuring, Counting, Rpm measuring in mechanism, chemical, paper manufacture light industry, etc.

Product featuressquare proximity sensor

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