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* BF series flexible coupling tightens with bolt.Easy to assemble and disassemble.No damage will be caused to shaft. (Sepecial bore size and slot available on request).
* Body Material:Aluminum Alloy, Sleeve material:polyurethane.

* Shaft bore size: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm. (For other size, please indicator when order.)

* Outside diameter is 25mm or 30mm, length is 30mm or 35mm. (For other size, please indicator when order.)

* Coupling assembled by pressing a polyurethane sleeve into hubs on both sides.
* Zero backlash.
* For little torque &space.
* Resistant to oil and electrical insulation.
* ldentical clockwise and anticlockwise rotation characteristics.
* 3 different rigidity and colour of sleeves are available.
* Superior spring torque can absorb vibration.parallel.angular misalignments and shaft end-play.
* Stock for different bore size on 2 sides available.

Product featuresFlexible Coupling

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