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* TCH Micro processor digital adjustor, with built in SMT technology and digit filter circuit.
* Dual line 4 LED digit display: upper LED : red; lower LED: green.
* Various control output mode for options: relay or SSR or SCR otuput, or Analog 4-20mA or 0-10V output, or PWM time curve process control..etc.
* Soft buttons, easily operate.
* Optional input signals: TC, RTD, mA, mV, A, V, Rt.
* Up to 3 alarm output, output modes selectable by software.
* With DC 24V transmitter supply.
* W/RS485 communication interface, modbus RTU protocol.
* Measuring accuracy: ≤±0.3%F.S±2 digit(under normal conditions).
* Optional instrument size: 48W×48H、48W×96H、72W×72H、96W×48H、96W×96H.(mm).
* Apllication ranges: food&beverage; oven, furnance, plastic extruder,chemicals processing, heating process...etc.(can measure temperature, humidity,level,
weight, pressure...etc.(with differenct sensors)

Product featuresTemperature Controller

Before installing and using this instrument, please read this user manual carefully in order to operate the unit in the appropriate conditions to avoid any damage. Keep this user manual for future reference.

1- When clean the instrument, make sure the power is at “OFF” status.
2- To clean out the dust or dirt on the instrument screen, please use soft cloth or cotton papper.
3- Do not touch the instrument screen by hard objects to avoid scratch of the screen.
4- Do not use screw driver or hard pin to touch the soft buttons on the faceplate.
5- From the date of shipping, if there are any damages or fault within 18 months, the factory is bond to matain the units. But if the danages re coused by inappropriate operation by use, the factory doesn’s.The instrunent should be stock in the dry ,non gas environment.

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