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* DR2-S Plastic ABS Flexible Pipe Joint Gear Coupler Coupling.

* D and L can be defined by user; Standard: Outside D=19mm, length=23mm.
* Diameter of hollow shaft : Standard hole 6mm, 8mm. (or 10mm need to be specified when ordering)

* Zero backlash.
* Excellent response and high torque capacity.
* Identical clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational characteristics.
* One-piece metallic spring coupling, 2 screws for clamping.
* For servomotor, step motor connection.
* Material: Engineering plastics
* M: The hole dia. Of the encoder end. N: The hole dia. Of the user end.

* Torque<25.0Nm, the axial degree <0.5mm, the corner setover<1 degree.
* Extensive application.

Product featuresflexible coupling

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