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* Infrared photo electric sensors, through-beam type, include sender and receiver.
* C26square shape, plastic ABS housing..
* Detect distance:0-5 meters.
* Output: PNP or NPN, NO or NC or NO+NC output.
* DC 3 wires or 4 wires: DC10-30V DC
* Light resource:Infrared invisible light, red LED indicator.
* Fast response: max.5ms.
* Strong anti-shock and anti-vibration.
* Non-contact object detect: avoid the photoelectric sensor to contact the object directly, protect the inducing component from damage and extend the operation life of the sensor.
* Detect any objects with different materials: detect objects by the light quantities reflected and received, detect objects such as glass,metal, plastic, wood, fluid....etc.
* Identify object colors: according to the colors' reflectivity and absorptivity, the sensors detect the light that the
object reflected and identify the colors.
* High precision: precise electron circuit, can detect tiny objects with accurate position.
* IP ratings: IP67 ratings, water and dust proof..
* Reliable quality, CE approved, short circuit and polarity reversed protection.

Product featuresthrough beam sensor

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