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- ISL5815 15mm Shaft Flange Optical Rotary Encoder, heavy duty type encoder, outside dimension: 58mm, flange size: 66*66mm.
- Solid shaft: 15mm.
- No. Of pulse per revolution: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1024, 1200, 1800,2000, 2048,2500 PPR or 3000/3600/5000PPR ...Etc.
- DC 5V, DC 12~24V, DC 5-24V.
- Output: NPN or PNP open collector, Push Pull, Voltage output, DC5V linedriver output, DC12-24V TTL output.
- With 1M or 2M cable, or with 7 Pin or 9 pin Socket connector and connector cable.
- Suitable for operating conditions with heavy load., mainly used for industrial automatization.
- Excellent dynamic characteristic, convenient installation reliable.

Product featuresRotary Encoder

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